Frequently asked questions


do you ship?

Nope! You can pick up your order at my Portland shop!

can i send you a photo of a cookie for you to replicate?

I am a creative and I don’t copy others work exactly. I can use a photo as inspiration, but I would rather use my God-given skills to create something in my design set. Also note, when you see these incredibly beautiful cookies on Pinterest (the bane of every creative’s existence), they are usually not cookie makers, but cookie bloggers or product sellers and, no doubt, took longer for them to create a dozen cookies than anyone is willing to pay!

do you use gold & SILVER icing? 

I do not use shinny gold and silver, only mixed colors. 


One dozen with 3-4 colors. White and Black are colors ;)

how do you determine your prices?

Prices are set by complexity of design, size of cookie, steps to completion and how many colors there are to mix.

How far in advance do i need to order?

Two weeks notice is necessary since I don’t work weekends. It is best to order as soon as you know your event date to ensure you get a space on my calendar since I am working on multiple orders at one time. If your order is over 200 cookies I will need 3-4 weeks notice, especially during the holidays.

How long does it take to complete an order?

Four days minimum. After making dough, cutting, cooking and cooling each layer needs to dry. Cookies can’t be bagged until they are completely dry. Note that I don’t work on weekends so those days don’t count ;)

do you do rush orders?

I do, IF i have room on my calendar. And by “rush” I mean minimum 4 days and under 100 cookies.