Hey there, I'm Tracy and I love to create.  I've always been that girl who would rather make a gift than buy one.  So, here I am making gifts for people to give to otherS, win-win!  

I create to make people smile. I love hearing the ohhhh’s and ahhhh’s when clients first see their orders, I never grow tired of it! I love that my hand crafted cookies can make someone’s special occasion a little more special.

The name “Almost Famous by Tracy” comes from my late grandma. She used to make these unbelievably yummy cookies when I was growing up. After she died I continued making the same cookie for holidays. They were so tasty people would always give that “mmmmmmm” sound with every bite. My standard reply became, “I know, they’re so good they’re ALMOST FAMOUS!” While her cookies are awesome, I can’t use her recipe because they wouldn’t hold up in packaging, but I can use her secret ingredient and my response as part of my name. Thanks Grandma! 

What else should you know about me? I’m a Follower of Jesus. A wife to Jerry, whom we share life with 6 married children. I’m “Grammy” to 4 and many to follow! All that to say, I have to consciously work on balance in my life, so I’ve made the decision to not work on Saturdays and not think of work on the Sabbath. It takes practice, but I think it’s worth it!

I've been in the cookie world since 2008 when I stumbled onto cookies and decorating.  My passion is not in the baking, but in perfecting the art of colors and design which also feeds my artistic side.  It's rewarding offering a quality product which I am as confident in the taste and freshness as I am in the design.

Love & Sugar