Hi! I’m Tracy

I love to play with cookies, icing and decorating designs.

I create to make people smile. I love hearing the ohhhh’s and ahhhh’s from clients who are happy with their orders, I never grown tired of it! I love to make someone’s special occasion a little more special.

The name “Almost Famous by Tracy” comes from my late grandma. She used to make these unbelievably yummy cookies when I was growing up. After she died I continued making the same cookie for holidays. They were so tasty people would always give that “mmmmmmm” sound with every bite. My standard reply became, “I know, they’re so good they’re ALMOST FAMOUS!” While her cookie is awesome, I can’t use it because it wouldn’t hold up in packaging, but I can use my response as part of my name. Thanks Grandma! (By the way, my cookies are super yummy too!)

A question I often get is “How’d you pick this line of work?”  Well, it actually picked me!  I learned about decorating at a women’s event at my church and I became hooked that day.  I started making cookies as gifts, then the coffee shop I worked in, then I was taking special orders and it goes on from there.  A few years later I found myself divorced at 50 and had a hard time landing even an interview, so I decided to make this cookie deal a go and see if I could actually live off of something I enjoyed so much!

I’ve been doing this cookie thing for about 8 years now, with Vicki joining me in the workshop three years ago. Having my girlfriend with me has made something I love doing just that much more enjoyable. It’s rewarding offering a quality product that I am as confident in the design as taste and freshness!


Hi! I’m Vicki

I’ve had this desire to play with sugar since my childhood when I’d make cookies for my family. I went on to study Food and Nutrition but still had this yearning to be in the kitchen creating sweet treats for my friends and family.
Tracy and I have been friends for over 20 years and just recently found our common love to be in the workshop mixing, cutting and decorating side by side.

I like introducing our cookies to new people every day. We have a quality product that is fun, whimsical and personal, which you just can’t find many places.

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